Why You Should be Thankful for Nail Polish for Nail Growth

Nail polish for nail growth gives you great looking and healthy nails. If you’re like every other woman on this earth, then chances are you love a good polish on your nails. It’s fun to do and see. Moreover, it’s a great way to express your individuality. In fact, a good nail polish can be a big confidence booster.

Consider this when you’re feeling down and stressed, nail polish in your favorite shade would likely brighten your mood. However, too much nail polish isn’t always good for you. Remember, even nail polish can’t hide weak or brittle nails. In this case, it’s good to consider what vitamins would benefit your nails and let you keep on putting nail polish.

Essential Vitamins for Your Nails

Keep in mind your nails are made of protein. A drop in your body’s protein production can result in weaker nails. This, in turn, makes them brittle. Thus, even if you apply nail polish on them chances are it would chip easily if you accidentally hit something. Moreover, avoid trying to open something with weak nails, as it’ll be a painful experience you’ll likely remember for a long time.

Biotin or Vitamin B7

Experts advise taking vitamins and supplements to promote nail growth. At the same time, keep them healthy. One particular vitamin you’ll want to consider is vitamin B7 also known as biotin. This vitamin encourages protein production. As an added bonus, you might even expect to get thicker nails as they grow.

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L-Lysine Supplement

L-Lysine is effective in building healthy proteins. Interestingly, many types of food contain this essential amino acid. Examples of these include beef, chicken, and fish as well as lamb. You can also obtain it while drinking milking. It’s also contained in a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B12

If you’re suffering from dry and dark nails then you’ll want to add vitamin B12 to your diet. You could even consider taking a B-Complex supplement as the range of B vitamins is helpful for nail growth. On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to include foods like cheese, whole grains, shellfish, or even fortified cereals into your diet. These contain vitamin B12.

Polish to Help Your Nails Grow

Previously, nail polishes were laden with chemicals. Several brands contain toxic chemical compounds like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or camphor. Hence, the importance of reading the labels before buying. Likewise, check what the nail salon you frequent uses. The last thing you want is to apply a toxic chemical on your nails mistakenly.

Fortunately, you can now get hold of nail polish to promote nail growth. These products are free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. Its special formulation includes hydrolyzed soy protein and hydrolyzed wheat protein, both of which are helpful in promoting healthy nails. In a few of weeks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see healthier nails. Nail polish for nail growth will feel like a miracle in a tiny bottle. Hence, you’ll be thankful for using it.