What Is The Legal Status Of Consuming Anavar In Australia

Steroids help in improving the physique of men and women. It is a great way to boost athletic performance, tone your body and make your muscles dense and lean. As the laws for consumption of steroid differs from country to country, it is very important to learn about the steroid laws before its consumption.

What is the legal status of Anavar in Australia?

In Australia, use of anabolic androgenic steroids is considered to be illegal without presenting a valid prescription. Anavar is also characterized as an anabolic androgenic steroid available on the market.

You need to check about the existing and new regulations that your country has made in relation to the import of anabolic androgenic steroids. Upon not presenting a valid medical prescription, you need to use legal alternative supplements in its place.

Consequences of obtaining and using steroids in Australia

Trading, handling or marketing of all types of anabolic androgenic steroids is considered to be illegal in Australia. People who are found to consume these banned performance enhancement drugs are entitled to heavy imposition of fines and penalties.

In order to buy this steroid safely and legally and to save yourself from such consequences, people are advised to check the legal status of the steroid in their country before acquiring for trafficking.

What are different categories of steroids in Australia?

The “Australian Institute of Criminology” has put steroids into different categories on the basis of its type and uses.

  • Steroids for human use. Such type of steroids is permissible for the use in medical treatment, by presenting a valid prescription, and supervised by a licensed and certified doctor.
  • For use in veterinary. These are the steroids that are not permitted for use by human beings. They are used in carrying out veterinary treatment.
  • Steroids that are manufactured or produced in illegal form
  • Anabolic androgenic steroids. These types of steroids are referred as AAS or prescription based steroids. These types of steroids are either underground laboratory creations or designer steroids.
  • Human growth hormone or HGH
  • Prescription based strength substances that help in lowering the side effects of use of AAS


For best and safe results from the steroid consumption, it is important to learn its legality in your country and authenticity of the product before its consumption. Not checking about steroid laws will not just impact your wellness and health, but also trigger legal consequences.