Potential Side Effects Associated With The Use Of Stanozolol

If you are planning to use Stanozolol, then you must know the major side effects caused by the drug. All androgen anabolic steroids come up with some potential side effects including Stanozolol. The negative reaction of steroids can affect in many ways. Although it is mild compared to other steroids and people who use it may not have to worry about water retention or gynecomastia. As it is never flavored, the effetticollaterali (side effects) of drugslike Stanzolol and Winstrol are comparatively less than other steroids.

Cholesterol Problems And Liver Toxicity

One of the most common side effects caused by using Stanozolol is cholesterol problems. It can get negatively affected by using the drug as your LDL cholesterol will rise and your HDL level will decrease. A person with poor cholesterol readings should stop using this steroid. Even if a person is fit, he must follow a diet regime when using Stanozolol. The diet should comprise of fatty acids which help in improving the levels of cholesterol. Similar food needs to be consumed every day, to maintain good cholesterol level daily.

As with any steroids, Stanozolol too surrounds the liver. Both the forms of Stanozolol are highly lethal to the liver. When taking the supplement, it increases the enzymes in the liver. The factor that increases the enzyme includes the overall health of the liver of the person taking it, and total dosage and the period of use. However, the liver returns to normalcy the moment a person stops taking this drug. Also, when taking it, a person should stop the intake of alcohol.

Acne & Baldness: As an anabolic steroid with DHT, Stanozolol causes acne and hair loss. Each individual gets affected in a different way from the usage of the drug. A person who is witnessing hair loss, may see an increase in the hair loss. For men who are not inclined to male baldness, it will not come up as a major concern.

Testosterone Suppression: In men, using Stanozolol can lead to suppression of Testosterone. It affects the natural production of testosterone, and it drops below the normal level. It can cause changes in sperm and lower sexual urge. It is recommended to use it with a testosterone in order to maintain the level of natural testosterone.

Virilization: Stanozolol is also used by women and they are equally prone to the side effects caused by the steroid. One of the major concerns for women is virility. It is a condition which can lead to the destruction of feminity. Female users may witness clitoris enlargement, deepening of vocal chords, and hair growth. If any of these symptoms occur, then it should be stopped immediately.

For people who are looking to use Stanozolol, it is important to follow the proper dosage. If used properly, it will not give rise to short or long-term effetti collaterali. For men, Stanozolol depot is 35-75mg per day in injectable form and 25-50mg in oral for a cycle of 6-8 weeks. For women, it is 5-10mg daily for 4-6 weeks. Its active life is about 8 hours and multiple doses are recommended in a day.