Keep Fit Well Into Fall With These Hot Fitness Classes

Many people worry about staying fit in the summer, only to lose their summer bod once the cool weather hits, and who can blame them – fall is a time of packing away indoors and eating rich holiday foods like turkey and stuffing. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way: you can keep fit well into fall with some hot fitness classes at a pay-as-you-go gym, and each of the three following fitness classes will help you achieve your summer body in fall weather, and beyond!

Numerous pay-as-you gyms in Toronto offer classes, like the awesome fitness classes at Striation 6 here in Toronto, and these gyms prove beneficial because you don't have to spend money on an expensive yearly fee just to go on a few occasions. Instead, you can pay when you truly have the desire to hit the gym and work on your fitness, such as when you're ready to take a class. The trainers are also professional and courteous, doing their best to encourage everyone in attendance and keeping up their enthusiasm so everyone in the class can stay engaged and motivated to work hard.

A group cycle class works wonders on the body: you can achieve 5 benefits when indoor cycling, including lowering your stress levels, improving your cardiovascular health, and strengthening your leg muscles. You get a major calorie burn with this type of workout, and a booty burn workout also works well, focusing on tightening and toning the legs and buns while burning plenty of calories in the process that help you lose weight, so you can bring on that turkey without the accompanying guilt.

Or, if you're looking to combine various elements of different workouts, then a boot camp workout may be ideal for you, as you get to incorporate weights with gymnastics, Olympic lifts, and more. This style of workout focuses on weight loss and getting you in peak physical shape after just a few short weeks, developed for the military to help prepare soldiers for battle (but you can go ahead and view it as “battling the pounds”).

Kangoo is another ideal class to take as well because it also focuses on weight loss. Most class sessions last for 45 minutes and have you jumping, running, and dancing to music, with special Kangoos footwear being worn during the sessions to offer extra resistance. NASA uses the rebounding concept of Kangooto train astronauts in zero gravity, so you know it’s got to be good, and the specially designed shoes take the strain off your back and joints when you move and run better than any other shoes on the market.

With the help of these three classes, you can get a summer body in fall weather. Try out one or all of them and watch the results come sooner than you could imagine. Taking them at a quality pay-as-you gyms in Toronto helps even more, since you are only spending money when you want to rather than on a year's subscription you might not always utilize – win, win!