How To Lose Your Upper Thigh And Make Your Butt Bigger?


If you do not have time for doing entire strength workouts, then this fast and vicious thigh and butt workout can scream your lower body muscles in less time. Often you neglect your lower body part in your daily workout, but it is not going to hurt if you give little much to your thighs and butt.

Just build strength, muscle, and shape at the lower part of the body in a smarter way. Burn your overall body fat, improves flexibility and boost endurance. If you are already done with these exercises and still some improvements are needed, then try weight gainer pills in the butt.

Long Duration Cardio   

Jogging and running are excellent for burning calories around your thigh. They will slim down the legs but be careful they may slim down your butt. For butt, you can do walking. Walking uphill can be better to burn your thigh fat and build firm bigger butt. You can use the treadmill or long hills of your neighborhood.


Exercise to build your butt also help give you total body workout. All over the body you can build muscles and burn more fat. Hands down squats are the best exercise for butt building. It also works on your thighs to get great looking legs.

To get bang on your back, take wide stances means wider than your hip distance and do squat parallel. Getting under below parallel can take time for building mobility and flexibility.


If you choose one exercise for your entire lower body, the deadlift is the best. Also, it is a glue activator that needs technical move to do practice. You need first to add weight. Make sure you squeeze the gluteus while the top movement to get those real firing.

Plank Leg Lifts

A plank is a form for everything so make sure to get maximum benefit from this move. You tone up your core as well as shoulders. On the floor go on high plank position with hands under your shoulder, first engage your abs to pull belly button towards the spine. Next squeeze left gluteus for lifting the left leg from the ground up to two inches by keeping the leg straight.

Now, tap that leg to the other side then come back to normal position and repeat it with another leg.

Walking Lunges

Take heavy dumbbells on your hand, hold it in your palms, lift them up front and rest against chest and shoulders. Standby keeping fits together and lunges forward with right leg. Now bend your knees to lower the body until your thigh reaches parallel to the ground, it should be a 90-degree angle with a trunk in an upright position.

Pushing your right foot heel in contract to right gluteal muscles, you need to stand up. Then immediately you lunge forward with another leg. Again repeat it with left leg. You can continue walking lunges for six to six lunges per leg by using heavy dumbbells.

Believe in a healthy diet and working out until you reach your target. A workout can slim your thighs but for bigger butt try weight gainer supplement.