How Skinny Guys Get Strong

Are you one of those guys who feel like you were just born long and lanky with minimal body fat or muscle mass, with no chance of ever seeing a change in your body? While you may feel like you’re struggling with a rare problem, this is a surprisingly common issue that many men face. Whether you’re battling to eat enough food to gain much-needed weight, or just can’t seem to build any muscle no matter how often you spend in the gym, you’re not alone in your struggle. Use these tips to start seeing changes soon.

Accept That You Need More Food

Many skinny guys claim that they eat heaps but just never see any weight gain. Unless you have a legitimate thyroid condition or a medical illness preventing weight gain, you’re most likely simply not eating enough. Start increasing your portions gradually to allow your stomach to get used to the added food, and keep an eye on the calories and macronutrients in your food using a tracking app so you can be sure you’re hitting the targets you need to gain weight. If you’re adding more food and still seeing no results no the scale, you can also add Bulk Powders in as a snack for an additional calorie and protein boost. Making shakes can also be an easy way to get calories down without feeling excessively full.

If you feel like you’re constantly eating and are always uncomfortably full but still aren’t gaining real weight, you may want to look at the foods you’re choosing. Calorie-dense options will be your best friend when you want to gain weight. Opt for low-volume, dense options like peanut butter, nuts, pasta, and foods that taste so great you’re happy to stuff yourself full of them.

Plan Your Workouts Wisely

This isn’t the time to get acquainted with the treadmill. While cardiovascular workouts are certainly great for your heart, they also burn the calories you’ve been working so hard to increase and won’t build muscle mass. Cardio is designed to get your heart rate up and burn fat, so now is a good time to move away from the cardio machines and give the weights room a shot.

Some skinny guys shy away from the weights area of the gym because they feel intimidated by the bulky guys showing off their muscles while they lift seemingly impossibly heavy weights. Resist the urge to compare yourself – everyone starts somewhere, and they’ll probably be more than happy to give you some pointers and help you get started. Some of the experienced bodybuilders will be the best people to give you advice on your lifting form, and can help teach you the basic compound lifts that will get your muscles pumped and start the strength training process.

Stick With It

Building muscle and changing your physique isn’t something that happens overnight. Patience is important. You can’t expect to have high levels of motivation every day – so treat your training and eating routine as a matter of discipline and habit rather than something that requires motivation. You should see those famous ‘newbie gains’ pretty quickly which will hopefully inspire you to keep pushing forward – but don’t be discouraged if setbacks occur. Keep eating, keep training, and you’ll have the body you want soon enough.