Hair transplant as a treatment for Alopecia

Hair happens to be one of the most important parts of our personality. It shapes our facial features and also is a vital beauty quotient for all women. However, due to various reasons and especially with age we lose out precious locks. Most men lose hair while they age and some women also face the problem of thinning of hair. Many people lose hair due to illness and treatments for diseases. The problem of hair loss is also known as Alopecia. Stress, poor nutrition can also speed up hair loss and thus it is very important for you to take a permanent step to stop hair loss and baldness.

What are your options to regain hair?

Since hair loss is a very common problem almost everyone goes thru this problem at some point in their life the market is flooded with products and treatments that offer a solution for hair growth and lustrous locks. There are oils, serums, and cosmetic treatment that claim to help you grow hair on your scalp. However, most of these are not permanent and you need to keep changing the treatments and products time and again. So if you are looking for a treatment that is permanent and give you nice thick hair like before then you should through this blog for health tips.

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Hair transplant as a solution

Hair transplant is one of the most effective solutions for hair loss. Hair transplants are safe and do not come with any long-term side effects. The process is done by removing a plug that contains the hair follicles. The plug is removed from the scalp where the hair growth is denser and then they are transplanted in the area where there is no hair. You need to remember that hair transplant is a surgical treatment and thus you need to follow certain steps before you actually go for the transplant.

How is it done?

When you plan to have hair transplant, make sure to consult a doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgeries. Apart from that, you need to:

  • Stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery
  • Take rest for two days post surgery
  • Make sure that there is someone to take care of you
  • Do all the pathological test that is required by the doctor


Hair transplants may have certain complications post surgery. But there is nothing to worry about it as your doctor will treat your complications and you will be alright. Hair transplants nowadays are done using advanced technology that is less painful and comes with the desired result. A lot of people are going forward with the treatment of hair transplants. Hair loss is a common problem and it needs proper treatment before it is too late. So if you are suffering from hair loss make sure that you treat it with immediate effect. Hair transplants are available at various clinics. You can check out the best that is available near your area.