Guidelines to follow to help get rid of male oversized chest

Excess levels of estrogen in our body during the middle ages often lead to oversized chest in males. There a few changes that can be done in our regular duet to overcome this problem. To get familiar with methods and guidelines for regulating estrogen levels in our body.

Here in this article you may find tips for helping you regulate the estrogen levels in your body. It may prove helpful in over coming your frustration.

Better gut health

One of the best ways to help cut down the estrogen levels from the body is to try and change your gut health. The moment you are having healthy gut you can ensure that the level of estrogen in your body will be well maintained. To ensure this you need to have a digestive tract that is very much healthy.

You need to try and cut down intake of bad fats, carbs, gluten, junks, alcohol etc. These are the types of foods that can help in controlling B-glucouronidase enzyme. The moment this happens, the excess amounts of estrogen from our body is not excreted out and is collected back in our body.

Guidelines to help maintain gut health

1          Eliminate gluten

 This is one of the factors you need to keep in mind is the real cause for gut irritant. In case you need to maintain best gut health then you should try and eliminate most of gluten from your body. In case you body is not used to eliminating it on its own then you may have to seek professional advice.

2          Pre and probiotic consumption

This means that you may have to increase the consumption of foods that are fermented. You can try and include more of Kombucha, Kimchi and Sauerkraut. In case you are not consuming above mentioned foods then you can also try out the probiotic type of drinks. You can check more details about these drinks online at

3          Bone Broth can be beneficial

Bone broth is one ingredient that can be used when preparing soups, drinks or even when cooking food. It offers with numerous benefits to help maintain best gut health. Another benefit is that it is also not very much expensive.

4          Digestives

After every meal it is advisable to try and take digestive tablets or enzymes. A few weeks of these tablets will prove helpful in maintaining best gut health.

5          More of vegetables

To maintain best gut health it is advisable to try and consume more of vegetables like broccoli, green pepper, cabbage and other leafy vegetables.