Five Signs it’s Time to Visit a Physio

Most people have a false assumption that only a seriously debilitated person would receive physiotherapy in Perth. In truth, it is not exclusively for athletes and accident victims. People suffering from any physical ailments or discomfort can benefit from physiotherapy.  At times, your own body would let you know if it needs a physiotherapy treatment. Here are the indications,

  • Decrease in mobility

You might lead an active lifestyle or a sedentary one. When it comes to your body, you know what you are capable of and what you are not. For example, when you were capable of reaching the top cupboard in your bedroom effortlessly before and suddenly one day you find that your shoulder aches whenever you do it, this means you have to approach a Physio in Perth. He/she can evaluate your situation and put you through exercises that would improve the flexibility and the mobility of the muscles in the target area.

  • Loss of balance

This is a serious condition which makes you more susceptible to falls and accidents. This can occur due to a variety of underlying problems. With the help of a physio, you can determine the primary cause of the issue and take steps to tackle it.

  • Chronic pain

Pain is a part of everybody’s life. It comes and goes, and because of its recurrent nature, people often do not take it seriously.  But there are times when it would not go away. This is especially common in case of neck and back pain, and due to a number of reasons. In Perth, Physiotherapy experts could analyse the situation and apply selected techniques that can get you back to normal.

  • Frequent urination

If you are suffering from urine incontinency, then you could not be able to control or regulate the passage of urine. There are two types of urine incontinency: stress incontinency and urge incontinency. In urge incontinency, you would have this unanticipated and instant need to pee and sometimes it causes urine to leak unintentionally. Stress incontinency occurs when physical activities like coughing and sneezing puts a lot of stress on your urinary bladder. In such cases, a pelvic floor exercise could benefit you.

  • Sleep disorders

Sleep indicates how well your body is. Are you suffering from restless nights or feeling tired whenever you wake up? You could be having mobility issues or pain. For example, you cannot sleep well with a chronic lower back pain. Physiotherapy can remedy the underlying problems and help you sleep better.

If you are experiencing any similar symptoms, consult with a Physio in Perth immediately and get your life back on track. Your body should be working as well as it could be.