Factors determining the cost-effectiveness of hair transplant treatments in Australia

In recent times, hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by the people in Australia. It is completely normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair in a day. On the other hand, shedding more hairs may leave you in a constant fear of going bald and you may want to find out the perfect solution to stop hair fall and avoid baldness. Finding a large number of hairs entangled in the brush every time you comb them or noticing them on the shower floor can be heart-wrenching for you. At the same time, you may think of the effective ways to treat hair fall or baldness. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know that the hair transplant treatments form one of the most effective ways to treat baldness as well as for getting an attractive hairline with densely packed hairs.

In this article, we are compiling a complete information about most widely used hair transplant techniques and the factors determining the cost-effectiveness of hair transplant treatments in Australia.

Most popular hair transplant treatments in Australia-

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)-

Follicular Unit Transplant is a technique of hair restoration in which a long and thin strip of tissue containing hair grafts is removed from the safe donor area in the back and sides of the scalp. Then the strip is sent to the technicians who separate each follicle from the grafts and prepare them for implantation into the recipient area via stereo-microscopic dissection.

Follicular Unit Extraction-

With changing times, FUE treatments have become a popular choice in the league of hair transplant procedures. In FUE transplant, each follicular unit is taken individually, directly from the scalp and does not involve removal of skin from the safe donor zone in the scalp. The hair follicles are extracted in a random fashion and transplanted into a recipient area of the scalp, but, it results in a less density of the hairs in the recipient area.

Combined FUT and FUE technique- In a combined FUT+FUE technique, a strip of skin containing grafts is extracted from the safe donor zone. Thereafter, the individual hair follicles are separated from the grafts and prepared for implantation. Then, the follicles are carefully transplanted into the recipient site by using FUE technique.

The Cost-effectiveness of hair transplant in Australia-

Undergoing a hair transplant surgery is a big decision and you may want to if getting a hair transplant worth it? For your convenience, we are listing some of the factors determining the cost-effectiveness of the hair transplant treatments in Australia.

The Expertise of the surgeon-

Hair transplant is a medical procedure which includes a lot of complexities. Therefore, in order to obtain optimal results, it is crucial for you to check the qualification and expertise of the surgeon. The surgeon should possess medical expertise in performing hair transplant in the patients of all ethnicities. Also, you must understand that the direction of hair implanted into the recipient area plays an important role in defining the appearance of the person post-surgery. Therefore, it is crucial for a surgeon to boast artistic skills to design an aesthetic and natural looking hairline. Many renowned hair transplant centers in Australia, boasts a team of expert cosmetic surgeons and well-qualified staff which is committed to delivering the best hair transplant treatments to their patients.

Qualified, well-trained technicians and nurses-

When we talk about the hair transplant procedures, pre and post-surgery care plays a crucial role in defining the success rate of the treatment. Hence, it is crucial to check the educational qualification as well as work experience of technicians and nurses in the related field.

Well-equipped operation theatre-

The hair transplant center should have well-equipped operation theatres which include modern pieces of machinery like video-assisted microscopes with 20X magnification power, cold light sources, clean and sanitized surgical equipment and many others.

Pre and post-surgery care

The hair transplant center in Australia often provide services like pre and aftercare services. The hospitals boast ultra modern amenities in order to promote a safe and comfortable stay to the patient, in case hospitalization is required.