Ear infections in children

If suddenly your baby starts acting fussy or crying excessively, chances are they might have an ear problem. Make sure you check for tugging as this may be a sign of ear infections.

How can I tell if my baby has an ear infection?

It wouldn’t be much of work if your baby could talk, asking your baby what’s wrong would have been the ideal thing to do, but your baby can’t tell you if his ear hurts or not. Older children might be able to describe or tell how they are feeling or say if they have any an earache. Since your baby can’t talk they show sign of pains by crying a lot more than the usual or tugging his ear, then something serious is up, and you need to check for ear infections.

Some symptoms you might notice.

  • Loss of appetite

Ear infections are usually painful, a child with an infected ear will find it hard to chew or swallow any food.

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  • Hard time sleeping

With the unbearable pain, the baby is feeling sleeping will become a problem.

  • Diarrhea

Ear infections can also cause baby some slight imbalance, which its major side effect being vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Yellow or whitish fluid coming out from the ear

This sign is unusual in children generally, but when noticed is a sure sign that your baby has infections. Once the baby is given proper treatment and care this will heal.

  • Offensive smell

You might notice some foul odor coming from the ears, this is caused by a yellowish sometimes white sticky release from the ear.

  • Trouble hearing sounds

If your baby is infected, he/she might find it hard to hear clearly, as the fluid will build up a blockage in the middle of the ear and cause the baby to hear little or no sound.

  • Difficulty with balance

If you notice some dizziness behavior or notice your baby seems to be weak, this is probably because of the infection from the ear which affects balance and equilibrium.

How do you treat your child's ear infection?

If your baby is crying much or in too much discomfort, the doctor might have to wait least 48 hours to observe the babies condition to see if the ear infection will get worse or better on its own. But if it's getting worse you shouldn’t waste time to take the baby back to the doctor for further check-ups and treatment. There are some few clinics you can always reach online to make them come check on your baby, even in your home. Example of such is the Audiology Centre West; they also offer quality auditory assessments and Evaluations.