CoolSculpting For Gynaecomastia

Conventional liposuction techniques have been popular for years, successfully eliminating unwanted pockets of fatty tissue from the body.  But now with the development of CoolSculpting, a new method of non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring and permanent fat removal has been introduced. Cost effective, time efficient, and adaptable to any place on the body, CoolSculpting can improve areas from the neck and the jawline, to the thighs and back of the knees.

CoolSculpting has become popular in recent years due to its cutting edge technology; used to address new concerns, including enlarged male breasts.  For the right patient, this innovative, new procedure can deliver excellent results in a nonsurgical male breast reduction.

Male Breast Reduction without Surgery

The formation of male breasts is linked to a condition known as Gynaecomastia, often the result of hormonal fluctuations. The imbalance between male and female hormones can be caused by any number of factors, including weight, medical conditions, puberty, and more. While some soon-to-be male breast reduction patients have breast tissue that needs to be surgically removed; many patients could see results with some strategic fat removal. CoolSculpting can provide these patients with a nonsurgical treatment to achieve these desired results.

Before planning your own CoolSculpting procedure, you should discuss your personal symptoms and concerns with your surgeon. Keep these facts in mind, as well:

  • Fat cells, causing breast fullness, can be removed with CoolSculpting.
  • Breast tissue cannot be removed with the CoolSculpting method; and will most likely require male breast reduction surgery.
  • Results will emerge gradually following CoolSculpting treatments, usually within three to four months after your appointment.
  • Patients may see up to 20% reduction in fat cells in the treatment area.
  • Repeated treatments are possible and will compound the results.

During the CoolSculpting process, freezing temperatures are applied to the treatment area and targeted toward fat cells. The freezing leads to the death of the targeted fat cells, without damaging any surrounding tissue. The body will then naturally flush these cells from the body, banishing the fat as it does so.

Unfortunately, if breast tissue is present in the male breasts, it will be unaffected by CoolSculpting treatments. Plan a consultation to get a professional opinion from your plastic surgeon, so the best approach to suit your needs can be found.

Surgical Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction

In cases where a surgical breast reduction is necessary to address the male patient’s concerns, it is very common for liposuction techniques to be included in their procedure. Many times, both fatty tissue and breast tissue are present in the male breast, so fat removal could be an essential part of achieving the desired results. Which a traditional liposuction method is often used to remove this fat as part of the surgical procedure, more plastic surgeons are considering other alternatives.

CoolSculpting can be used for follow-up treatments after the male breast reduction has been performed.  Repeat sessions can be scheduled until the patient achieves his desired results, permanently removing small percentages of fat from this area with each visit. When added to a surgical treatment plan, CoolSculpting can help to create successful long-term results.

Schedule a CoolSculpting consultation

To learn more about adding CoolSculpting or the liposuction technique to a breast reduction surgery, start the conversation during your consultation meeting. Your plastic surgeon will be able to assess the composition of your breast tissue and plan an approach that suits your unique needs in the best way possible.

Nonsurgical treatments may be possible with or without a surgical procedure, so come to your appointment willing to discuss your surgeon’s recommendations, allowing for the best possible outcome. For more information on male breast reduction go to .