Concussion Therapy and Brain Injury

Concussion is a hot topic in the world today, and a growing public health concern. Millions of concussion related medical issues happen on an annual basis. Therefore, the need for a professional health practitioner who specializes in concussion therapy can never be overestimated.

What is concussion?

A concussion is a brain trauma caused by a hit or bump to the head that can alter the way your brain typically functions. Notably, concussions are common among athletes including footballers, basketball players, hockey players, boxers and professional wrestlers. A concussion may result in noticeable personality changes, disrupting your mental, emotional and physical well being. What’s more, concussion symptoms can sometimes last from let’s say a minute to months depending on the severity of the brain injury.

Symptoms of a concussion

Concussion can happen in almost any kind of sporting activity. For this reason, parents, athletes and coaches must know the signs and symptoms of concussions.

These may include:

  • Cognitive signs: confusion, fogginess, slowed thinking, lack of concentration, memory loss.
  • Physical signs: headache, dizziness, difficulty with balance, blurred vision, fatigue, sensitivity to light and sound, insomnia Emotional signs: depression, restlessness, anxiety, irritability, aggression, mood swings, and decreased tolerance of stress.

Concussion therapy can help those who suffer from brain trauma, but this has to be handled by a professional. This team of health care experts will assess and treat patients who have sustained a brain injury and are experiencing many associated symptoms of a concussion. In the event that you or your loved one suffers from a concussion, the first thing to do is to visit a physician to diagnose and evaluate the extent of the brain injury.

Individuals who suffer from a concussion will definitely benefit from structured concussion therapy. This will help expedite recovery. Since symptoms of concussion are varied and specific to each patient, it can be difficult to state exactly when a patient will return to normal activities. Fortunately, finding a reputable therapist is quite easy. Therapy Spot offers a number of excellent and experienced therapists who specialize in concussion therapy.