Cardarine: History, Uses, and Effects

What is Cardarine? Also called GW-501516 is a drug that combines to a PPAR receptor. This drug was first developed by a pharmaceutical company known as Glaxo Smith Kline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals back in the year 1992. Back then, it was discovered that the drug recruits an activator enzyme called PGC-1a when the compound binds to the PPAR receptor.

As a result, GW-501516 increases the involvement of genes related to energy expression. Animal testing involving rats and this drug have shown results that told of an increase in the subjects’ metabolic state. Furthermore, the application GW-501516 helped bring about an increased protection against obesity and bad diets.

What are the Uses of GW-501516?

According to varying reports, GW-501516 is pretty much great for everything. As a SARM, users can take advantage of enhanced endurance and stamina. What does this mean for users? It means improved periods of time when working out. Runners can run longer, cardio junkies can dance their hearts out, and weightlifting enthusiasts can lift dumbbells and barbells for extended periods of time. Also, it has catabolic effects that’ll help you burn fat and make your veins seemingly pop out of your body. The reason behind the fat loss is the result of an increase in glucose in the skeletal muscle.

Dosage of GW-501516

Before anything else, note that GW-501516 can be stacked with pretty much everything. It’s a SARM, which means that users won’t have to worry about adverse effects as compared to using anabolic steroids. GW-501516 will let users take advantage of its fat burning and endurance enhancing properties just by intaking 10 to 15mgs per day during an 8 week cycle. If you want to get optimal results, then you can increase the dosage to 20mgs per day in an 8 to 12 cycle. However, do note that the use of GW-501516 is banned in certain sports. Therefore, it’s important to check with your local sports association before attempting to use this product.

The Benefits of GW-501516

There is no doubt that GW-501516 can bring about a good number of benefits. Aside from the increase in the body’s metabolic functions, this drug can also aid in the prevention of cardiovascular ailments, especially heart attacks. Also, GW-501516 can reduce the overall stress experienced by the body. It can even decrease the risk of Diabetes and helps in the treatment of inflammation.

The Side Effects of GW-501516

Interested users should be happy to know that GW-501516 is virtually side effect-free. However, studies did show a slight increase in the risk of cancer cells increasing in laboratory animals. As for humans, on the other hand, the risk of the increase in cancer cells is so insignificant that the adverse effects will only take shape if, and only if you take an unwise amount of the drug.

Now that you know more about GW-501516, you may even want to test it out as opposed to using anabolic steroids. In fact, it is a preferred choice for people who want to gain improved fat loss and endurance benefits without any additional risk of side effects.