Boosting your immune system with Siberian Health Company

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Autumn and winter are seasons when the circulation of viruses is strong. To strengthen your immune system and avoid getting sick. To get through the diseases of autumn or winter and avoid the red nose, watery eyes or a sore throat, you have to know how to protect and heal. Natural remedies help you stay fit and relieve symptoms. Here are some tips to boost your immune system.

Betting On Probiotics

You can optimize your immune system, it is scientifically proven, but 70{e414a5133fb294890020fad90f0bd099a354bff553af644ea225321fa087ac80} of our immune system is in the gut. Hence the idea of probiotics (Lactobacilli) to strengthen its intestinal mucosa, before the circulation of viruses is intensifying, especially if you are old or weakened by a lot of stress, old bronchitis or a chronic illness like diabetes.

One study showed that taking a mixture of Lactobacilli every day for 12 weeks reduces the risk of catching a cold. They are found in yogurts, at a rate of 1 to 2 per day, or in food supplements. Siberian health is a company that produces food supplements that are of great quality, They have tons happy customers and great reviews, you can check their official Spanish website.

Drink A Glass Of Fresh Orange Juice

Orange juice is a source of vitamin C, as well as thiamine, amino acid, folate, B vitamins, potassium and sugars that provide energy to start the day. It is best to squeeze some oranges; you can keep your orange juice two, three days in the refrigerator, vitamin losses are low.

Having Enough Sleep

A sleepless night is enough to weaken the immune system because it reduces the number of certain white blood cells. Even though sleep time remains a personal issue, doctors still recommend sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours.

Take Breaks To De-Stress

Yoga, gardening, reading, movies, outings or meals with friends... The nature of the activity does not matter. What matters is to relax because stress, fatigue, and overwork weaken the immune system.

Refuel With Vitamin D

It activates white blood cells (T cells) needed to produce antibodies and destroy microbes. In the diet, it is found mainly in oily fish:

  • Cod liver and its oil.
  • Smoked herrings.
  • Mackerel and sardines.

Doctors advise menopausal women and the elderly, who for the most part lack vitamin D, to take a higher dose, three to four times the recommended daily dose (1,000 units), in the form of drugs or supplements food. Two forms are the most common, D2, of plant origin, and D3, of animal origin. No need to prefer one over the other, there is little difference in efficiency according to current work.